Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

We have two really busy days a week, our Playcentre days. This is usually because we don't get up until 8am and then I only have an hour to give Riley his breakfast, make his lunch, pack his bag and get ourselves dressed. As other parents will know sometimes its a lot of hard work getting a toddler ready who wants to go out but doesn't want to get dressed and he often leaves me exhausted before we've even left the house!

The walk to Playcentre is a pleasant one if a bit chilly with the winter weather now setting in. Riley likes getting out in the pram and is quite a motor head so loves pointing out all the different vehicles that we see. I call them vehicles to hide my ignorance about such things, no one wants to admit that their 2 year old knows more about cars than they do!

It was an indoor day at Playcentre today and they had a special visitor. Someone from the library came in to do a Story Time session with the children. At first Riley was standing right up the front blocking everyone else's view of the books. I kept having to sit him down but eventually he caught on and realized that he could still take part without having to be at the front pointing everything out. It really sank in how grown up he is now.

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Selena said...

2 year olds know more about everything than you do and I think it just gets worse