Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cars ....

Riley loves anything with wheels and has a rapidly growing Hot Wheels collection. They are both a life saver and a curse. He'll happily spend ages driving his cars around the house, furniture, bookshelves, tables, people ..... you get the picture basically anywhere that there is room for them. He lines them up in rows and zooms them along the floor and he particularly likes pushing them over bumps, or as Riley would say making them go 'bumpity bump'.

Heres a photo of him after hes been lining up his cars. At least some of them have a permanent home by the tv.

Its great that they keep him occupied but not so great when I'm forever picking them up from around the house and have to watch where I'm about to step or sit.

Being so small they also tend to get themselves into tricky situations, like .... under the fridge.

Heres Riley preparing for yet another car rescue mission:

I think I should also have a sign on the front door that says 'Visitors beware, you may turn into a parking garage!' LOL

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Kelly said...

haha cute! Boys are naturally boys, aren't they?

I currently have about 120 Hot Wheels cars stashed high up in the wardrobe because someone wouldn't pick them up! He doesn't even know they are missing yet because there are more Hot Wheels in his room :( I swear they multiply!