Thursday, May 20, 2010


Riley got his haircut this afternoon. It always amazes me how good he is at the hairdressers.

He had his first haircut when he was 16 months old and has been going regularly ever since. Today he was a bit shy and unsure as he didn't have his usual hairdresser but he still sat through it without complaint. He occupies himself with picking the hair off himself and dropping it on the floor and he knows that at the end of it all waits a lollipop with his name on it.

Here are before and after shots, the photos aren't the best as he wasn't very happy about having his picture taken.

Just before we left the house:

As soon as we got home and I managed to get one without the lollipop in it:

The blue lollipop (he chose it himself) became a permanent part of his hand for about an hour until he decided he couldn't be bothered with it anymore and went off to play with his cars. By then the damage had already been done as his blue lips and tongue could attest. He was quite fascinated by the sight when his dad took him to look in the mirror.

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