Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What an Imagination!

Riley is at that gorgeous age where his imagination is working overtime and hes coming up with all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios and really starting to play and entertain himself.

At the moment we have a lion who lives in a bush outside and yesterday there was a bear at the dinner table, heres the conversation that we had:

Riley: 'Oh theres a bear!'
Me: 'Wheres the bear?'
Riley: 'The bear ate all the broccoli.'
Me: 'Do bears like broccoli?'
Riley: 'Tortilla too.'
Me: 'They like tortilla too?'
Riley: 'And dogs and cars.'

He often comes running wanting me to pick him up and when you ask him whats wrong its always that hes scared of the lion, of course its a great game to him.

The other day I even caught him sharing his drink with a dragon in the lounge!

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