Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Hunting

The other day I made the snap decision to move house. I made this decision after spending all morning cleaning the mould off the walls in the toilet but thats only one of the problems that this place comes with.

It also made me start thinking seriously about where we want Riley to go to Kindy/School and finding a long term rental in the right zone.

I think we have a good deal in our current place, the rent is reasonable, the landlords great and sure it has its problems but a new place is bound to have its own set of issues. I know you're probably thinking I'm insane especially once you factor in the cost of moving! The reality is I can't see us staying here for more than a couple of years so that means we'd be moving at some stage anyway so why not now? Of course this all depends on finding the 'right' house in the 'right' area and at least we have time on our side so theres no need to rush into anything. I also think if we manage to find a place that we like in Winter then we're going to love it in Summer, everything is so damp and dreary at the moment.

Wish us luck!!


Renee said...

Good luck, Fay!! House hunting is a nightmare, but I'm sure it will all pay off in the end. Can't wait to hear all about your new pad :)

Kelly said...

I'm having a huge problem with mould but we are close to a decile 9 school which is where Elijah goes to kindy, so that is the only thing keeping me here. I keep looking on Trade Me but it seems the rental prices have gone up alot in the last few months so I would never get another 3 bedroom for the price I pay here. Sometimes it sucks to be a renter!