Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I think I see a pattern ....

Riley doesn't eat much around his Dad. Hes been a bit unwell and might be teething, but I think I'm starting to see a pattern. He ate hardly anything all weekend and I'm sure its not the first time hes been like that and its always when his Dads around, no idea why though.

Phil was back at work yesterday and so Riley has been eating like a horse!

For breakfast he had (this is pretty standard for him):
- porridge
- a banana
- a piece of toast with peanut butter

For lunch:
- cheesy scrambled eggs
- 2 cruskits with marmite
- a snack bar
- 2 manderins
- 2 mini lemon muffins
- 3 capsicum sticks

I'm sure he would've carried on eating too if I hadn't needed to put him to bed.

Theres certainly nothing wrong with his appetite now and I'm sure he'd already eaten more than he had all day Sunday by afternoon tea time. Dinner was a different story but then Phil was home ....


Anonymous said...

that is really interesting about how you wee one eats when daddy is around. PS that is an impressive lunch list!
Welcome to Kiwi Mummy Blogs!

Renee said...

Hmmmm....that is a bit funny. Wonder what the story is there??

Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

I love that you've taken note of the trend! And it's really intriguing!

C1 said...

How much does Daddy eat in front of him?
Maybe he never see's Daddy eating, so never worries about it when they are together?

Fay said...

We always sit down and eat dinner together and in the weekends he has breakfast with Phil. If anything he sees him eating more than I do. I think its because he doesn't see his dad all that much that all he wants to do is play with him.