Thursday, June 17, 2010


Riley finally has the attention span to watch a movie from beginning to end. Not that thats necessarily a good thing but at the moment when its freezing and we're cooped up inside all day, its been a life saver.

His favourite movie at the moment is Finding Nemo. We've had it for ages but its only been in the last couple of weeks that hes started watching it properly. Its not teaching him anything particularly useful unless you count talking like a sea turtle as a skill, where everything ends in 'dude!'
Riley's a smart kid though and deserves some relaxing time.

I'm hoping soon that I'll be able to take him to a mums and bubs movie session where he'll actually sit and watch the movie so I can too.

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Selena said...

Very cool, must be so cute with him saying Dude! We're going to Toy Story 3 in the holidays, think a kids movie is a good place to start as people can't expect it to be 100% quiet