Friday, June 25, 2010

New Place? Maybe ...

Phil emailed in our application for a place today. Apparently there has been one other applicant so who knows whether we will get it or not....

This whole house hunting business is completely doing my head in! There is so much that needs to be taken into consideration and then what if we make the wrong choice? I think I am probably the worlds worst procrastinator and that is certainly not helping things, once I make a decision it needs to be acted on straight away otherwise I start to second guess myself.

We have looked at 5 houses so far and we're going to look at another one tomorrow. Its so hard trying to find a place that meets all our needs and then you don't truly 'know' a place until you live there but I guess thats just a risk that we all take.

I'm not enjoying this waiting game and if I'm honest it would be easier to stay put. Easy is good but its not always the best option.

Fingers crossed something happens soon one way or the other or I might go crazy!

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