Saturday, June 12, 2010

Night Light

Riley slept through the night without the hall light on for the first time in ages!

I'm hoping that this time we've found a night light that works. We've been struggling to find one for his room thats not too bright and this one is not bright at all, in fact when I first plugged it in my initial thought was 'this is not going to work'. But it did work! At least last night anyway and I hope it continues to do so. He also has a little turtle night light that he takes to bed with him, sadly its been dropped a few too many times and is now a bit unreliable.

I don't know exactly when Riley's fear of the dark began but he is also fascinated by it and often gets Phil to carry him outside at night so he can have a look but they have to stand as close to the back door as possible while still being outside otherwsie he freaks out. Riley also has a very over active imagination and I think that is half the problem.

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