Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yet Another Cold!

Riley has yet another cold, its the 4th one in as many months! Hes always been prone to them but this is just getting ridiculous!

Every time I take him to Playcentre he catches a cold. Its a real pain, we'll be there one week and off the next, its almost not worth going. This one has so far been the worst and the cold weather isn't helping.

Yesterday Riley had a temperature of 39.4 and was so lethargic he even fell asleep on the floor! For those of you who know him this is most unheard of. I've changed the photo slightly as he had a really snotty nose and fell asleep with no pants on, not a good look.
So far we've had one rough night where he was up and down but I'm hoping for a better nights sleep tonight as he doesn't seem too bad today. Fingers crossed he gets better quickly and that I don't catch it!

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