Sunday, July 4, 2010

Budgeting Update

As I mentioned in this post here I'm trying to cut money off our weekly food bill by doing big fortnightly shops and following a menu plan.

We are now into the third week of doing this and so far it seems to be working well. We're not saving as much as I'd like but we are saving some and every little bit counts. I'm now working on tweaking my menu plan and seeing what I can make at home that will save us even more.


Renee said...

If you have the freezer space (and we didn't until we moved into our house and could put a chest freezer in the garage) it is great to do a big shop of meat at the butcher. I do a menu plan for two months, calculate how much of each type of meat I need, put a bulk order in at the butcher and when I get it home I divide it into meal lots and cut it as the recipe requires. This means...
1) I don't have to worry about chopping meat on the day I just empty it straight into the pan.
2) you don't have as much waste and therefore save $$'s...because you are splitting it into meal lots yourself you have the perfect amount of meat. Often at the supermarket they package it into random weights and you end up buying more than you actually need.
3) you will inevitably have some leftover in your freezer after the two months (spur of the moment take away nights, cheese on toast nights, etc, etc) which means you can do a "pantry and freezer empty" week or two and just work on completely emptying your fridge/freezer/pantry and not buying groceries!

Sorry...this is a novel...didn't mean to go on so much *blush*

Fay said...

Thanks for that Renee! We're working on emptying our chest freezer at the mo and then we'll be restocking it. I don't know how you manage to do a menu plan for 2 months, I struggle with doing one for 2 weeks! I am so uninspired at the mo, I just can't think of things to cook and I have to take into account what Riley will and won't eat so that limits my meal ideas too.

Renee said...

Yeah, that is tricky...Charlotte doesn't eat with us, yet, so that makes it easier. I just rotate it might be for two months but the same things come up regularly.

Kelly said...

2 months! crikey Renee that's organised! I need to menu plan - at the moment we're just winging it. Not a good way to work it because we end up having takeaways most nights - at least it's usually Indian takeaways. I wish I had a decent freezer - mine is so small it's really only good for bread and a few bits & pieces. Elijah still won't eat the same meals as us - I think I've created a really fussy child :(