Monday, July 12, 2010

Super Star in the Making!

Riley loves to sing. He has an amazing memory and learns song lyrics really easily. His favourite song at the moment is Hakuna Matata from the Lion King which he is constantly singing and includes all of the appropriate intonations and facials, LOL. I haven't been able to get a good video of him singing it yet though as he gets distracted by the video camera.

Below is Riley singing a 'medley' of sorts. He does know the words to Twinkle Twinkle but he thought it would be more fun to sing his own version of the song which then merges into Ba Ba Black sheep.


Kelly said...

I love his giggles! And Elijah is the same - always singing and always making up his own versions.

Anonymous said...

thats soooo cute

Claire Bear said...

Hehehe that is sooo cute!! Annabelle muddles up her lyrics too, it's very funny!
Love the wee giggles too!