Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dinosaur Madness!

Riley's favourite movie at the moment is: The Land Before Time. He watches it at least once a day sometimes more. I don't mind too much because as far as movies go its relatively short which means that he still has time to do other things so I don't feel like all he does is watch tv all day. Its also a really lovely story and a movie that I enjoy watching too so its not too much of a trial when I have to watch/listen to it every day as well.

It has also sparked his interest in dinosaurs. he has a couple of cheap dinosaur toys and a few dinosaur books but now he wants to know what the different types of dinosaurs are called. Dinosaur names are hard enough for me to say/pronounce never mind for an almost 3 year old! It doesn't stop him from trying though and surprisingly he gets them right most of the time.

He is also using his dinosaur duvet set now which used to frighten him. Gosh hes growing up fast!


Mel Dehar said...

Your brave-I hate the Land Before Time. Sarah the dinosaur drives me mental with her screaming and I can't stand the way many of the dinosaurs talk. My sister gave Lara all her old dvds for xmas and its safe to say they haven't been seen since lol.

Fay said...

Aww I like the first one but the others not so much especially when they start singing :S

Catching the Magic said...

Very cute and it is a great film!

Lotti said...

Land before Time ..... love it ... what a wonderful story. Really cute film.