Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its Been One of THOSE Days ....

You know, one of those days when you head out to the shops to get a couple of things and end up spending way too much money on things that weren't even on todays "to do" list.

Ok so we didn't go out with the intention to go fridge shopping but it happened anyway and we actually found one that we liked, that was on sale and now I can't wait to have it delivered so I can start filling it up with food. It fits all Phil's requirements because it has an ice maker .....

It turned into a rather long and expensive day not helped by the fact that we went to McDonald's for lunch but everyone deserves a treat now and again right?! We certainly don't make a habit of going out for lunch.

We did complete the rest of my "to do" list which was to get some shoes for the boys, a new backpack and lunch box for Phil and to do the all important weekly fruit and veg shop.

'What did I get?' I hear you ask ..... nothing, which isn't helping me to fulfill one of my New Years resolutions of spending money on myself. This year I refuse to have my needs/wants pushed to the back of the queue because they are actually just as important as Phil and Riley's. Wish me luck, I can be a bit of a stinge when it comes to spending money on myself.


LatteJunkie said...

I hope that Resolution goes well for you. It's something I need to think about too.

Have a great weekend!

tartankiwi said...

I know what you mean about spending money on everyone else except yourself. I too have got out of the habit of it, but recently bought a new skirt in the sales. It was so much fun to do! Can't wait to wear it (just hope it doesn't end up with baby sick on it like all the rest of my clothes at the moment!
Go on... you can do it! Spend some money on yourself!