Saturday, February 26, 2011

Healing Tears

Today I cried ....

They keep showing the photo of that little 8 month old boy who died when his TV fell on him during the quake. Being a parent myself it really touched me and opened the flood gates as I can only imagine the heartbreak that his mother must be going through.

I cried for how lucky we were and how easily it could have all gone wrong.

I cried for the future being so uncertain and a beautiful city left in ruin.

I cried for all those poor people who have lost their homes and belongings.

I cried for all those who are still without power, water and working toilets and may be without them for some time.

I cried for all those still missing and the pain and loss that their families must be suffering.

I cried for the lives lost in such a terrible disaster.

It felt good to cry ....

Amongst such sorrow there are also reasons to smile. The support both from around New Zealand and Internationally has been amazing. There are so many wonderful people working so hard to do everything they can to restore power, provide water, food, medical attention and shelter to those who need it. Also those who are working so hard to rescue people from amongst the rubble. That cannot be an easy task.

There are many amazing stories surfacing of communities banding together and helping one another, acts of selfless heroism that ultimately helped save lives.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way no matter how big or small. Its all very much appreciated.


emerson-j said...

its a hard time being a kiwi at the moment, i took a break from the news today as i cant get the image of the wee bub in his santa suit outta my head who was 5mths and died...*sigh* its just...emotional...

tartankiwi said...

Tears are good and not to be under-estimated!
I must admit that we turned the telly off a couple of days ago and are only watching the news once a day. We still pick up the news on the internet but found that the constant TV coverage was not good for our family.

Becky (Hazel and Blue) said...

It is dreadful. We have been keeping in touch over here, by telephone calls, watching the news and twitter. Such positive things are coming out to support this awful disaster, and it is with great joy in my heart to see this.

Claire Bear said...

Lots of love Fay! The tears have flowed in this house for a week now, and we're nowhere near all this! Biggest hugs, and know that we are all sending love and support.