Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Nice?!

Who knew that Kindy would give me a whole new set of things to worry about?! As if parents don't have enough to worry about all ready without adding more to the mix .....

I did a lot of thinking about this after I witnessed a small altercation between Riley and another boy at Kindy the other morning. It wasn't anything really bad but it did bring me to the conclusion that Riley is too nice. You'd think being nice was a good thing and it mostly is, its just that sometimes I wish he'd be a bit more assertive and stand up for himself. Not by being rough (I would never condone violence) but seriously I just hate seeing him being taken advantage of. At home he is loud and opinionated but put him in a social situation with other kids and he is totally lost. I often wonder if this plays a part in his reluctance to go to Kindy, the fact that hes being put in a situation that hes not comfortable in. Its like he doesn't know what to say or how to act and there is only so much guidance I can give him as these are all things that he needs to figure out on his own.

I felt so bad for him this morning when he gave up his scooter so another boy could have a turn thinking "I'll just go and get another one" but of course there weren't any left (and the other boy knew that!), so Riley was the one left on the side lines without a scooter. I'm proud of him for sharing but I felt so bad for him. You probably think I'm being silly but it really did get me thinking ....

Riley has lots of funny little quirks and a different mentality compared to most kids his age and all I really want is for him to be happy and accepted for who he is.

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Renee said...

I hear you, Fay. Over the last couple of months I have started seeing Charlotte in similar situations and it tugs at my heart strings to see her being taken advantage of. It also breaks my heart to see her approach a group of kids and not have the communication skills (they will come, I'm sure) to "get involved" with them. She's just a little lost as to how to break the ice and it is hard to see her just sit on the sidelines when I know she wants to join in.

Anyways, I'm sure they will both get there...but I must say that watching them learn is tough!!! Hugs.