Monday, February 7, 2011

Zip and Mac

I honestly can't stand this programme but Riley loves it and as far as kids programmes go he has learnt a lot from it. It taught him to recognize nearly all the letters of the alphabet when he was 2 and now that hes 3 hes learning all the different sounds that each letter makes, all thanks to Zip and Mac.

I have been trying to teach Riley phonics for ages but it just never clicked with him until now. In fact I don't have much success teaching him anything as he likes to learn on his own and once hes got it figured out he just keeps on repeating it and of course we think hes so clever so he keeps on doing it. His memory is astounding and when hes ready to learn something it takes no time at all. In just a couple of days he has all the letter sounds down (give or take a few) and is showing lots of interest in what letters words begin with.

If you have a young child that responds well to auditory learning then I definitely recommend giving Zip and Mac a go. It is silly and you may not like it but it worked for us.

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