Sunday, January 22, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest

12 days until moving day!! Last week our Landlords put the house on Trade Me and wasted no time in finding some new tenants. So I spent my week cleaning like a mad woman! Naturally I did some browsing on Pinterest and found some fabulous tips and recipes for making my own cleaning products.

Here are a few of my faves (click on the image to go to the original  pin) ....

I tried this great tip for cleaning my stove top just the other day and it worked wonders! Even Phil noticed how much cleaner the stove top was when he got home from work.

This website has 6 great recipes for making your own cleaning products. I particularly want to try making the citrus disinfectant.

This is a great way to clean microfiber furniture. The before and after photos are simply amazing! I don't know if it would work on our suede lounge suite but I don't think it can get any worse so it might be worth a shot.

And finishing on a light note, not to do with cleaning as such but it definitely reflects the madness that is life right now. There is so much to do!

Joining in with Piquing my Pinterest.


Ames said...

Hahaha love the last pin! I should print that out as it's perfect for our house.

I sent the micro fibre info to my mum a while ago and it worked wonders for her couch. She was so amazed :)

I hope the move goes smoothly!

Anonymous said...

There is no end to the usefulness of Pinterest!!!!

BouncyBrittonie said...

I love the last photo too~ how can you keep calm in a messy house?! Not me!

I'm having a look at the do it yourself cleaners. They look so interesting! I need a good super window and glass cleaner!

Actually Amy said...

I have tried that trick for cleaning both my micro fibre and suede couches and it works! I really couldn't of cared if it didn't as my couches were gross so it would have been no loss if it didn't, but it did!