Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Linky - Children's Books

I just love losing myself in a good book and reading has always been something that I've wanted Riley to enjoy too. For the last couple of years we've been getting Riley a Christmas book, I think overall we've missed a couple of Christmas's but it's definitely a tradition that I intend to keep up.

I'm not very consistent with when I give it to him but it's always at least a week before Christmas so we have time to enjoy it before the big day.

These are the books that we have so far:

If anyone has any good Christmas book recommendations I'd love to hear them.

This year we are adopting an elf, I can't wait for him to arrive! You can find out all about the Elf on the Shelf here. He comes with a book too, so not only will we be starting a new tradition this year but continuing an old one as well.

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Pam @Threading My Way said...

If only more parents valued reading as you do, Fay, more children would develop a love of reading.

Stella said...

Thanks for leaving a link on my blog linky! I'm a total fan of xmas books too, and we have also adopted an elf this year... I can't wait to see what mischief he gets up to, and will be documenting his adventures for sure!

Max said...

Ah, we gave claud the slinky malinky one for xmas last year, not sure about this year, maybe 'the kiwi night before christmas' which i read at playcentre and loved its got lots of funnybreferences to kiwi things, jandles and baches etc x

Cat said...

I LOVE the fact you're adopting an Elf . . . .
AND I don't have ANY of those Christmas books - have you seen Simone *Great Fun For Kids* Christmas book she has just written?

Leonie said...

We have heaps of books and have just been given our very own elf too! We specifically love my old Golden Book called the biggest most beautiful Christmas tree. :)