Thursday, September 26, 2013

Angry Birds Party: Invitations

This year Riley has asked to have a birthday party and invite some friends from school. He's always been a bit socially awkward so it's really good to see him finally making some friends.

After giving it a lot of thought we decided to go with an Angry Birds theme and I have been busily collecting inspiration on Pinterest. The aim is to keep it simple, cheap and fun.

The first thing to do was to design the invitations and have them all ready to be handed out after the school holidays.

I love mucking around in Photoshop and seeing what I can come up with. Obviously the blank bit at the bottom is where all the details go and I added the black lines down the sides for the purpose of this blog post so it stands out from the background.

I'll have plenty more to share once the party is done and dusted.

Joining in with Show & Tell.


Leonie said...

Ooooh Exciting! Looking forward to seeing all the other party bits!

Miriam said...

well done you - and lovely that Riley is gaining confidence in himself socially :o)

BigLittle said...

Looking great!

Bron said...

Pintrest will give you more ideas than you know what to do with...have fun with the planning xx