Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baking Day

Today we had a baking day.

I'm so sick and tired of being the one who misses out and doesn't have anything to eat because the boys have eaten everything or by the time I've sorted Riley out I can't be bothered making myself anything. Of course its all part of being a mum where everyone else comes first. So the point of today was to try and stock up the freezer a bit and also have snacks around for me and Riley.

We made pumpkin scones, a loaf of bread and a pot of carrot and kumara soup (a new recipe that I wanted to try). We also made a self crusting mushroom flan but we ended up eating it for dinner, whoops. Tomorrow I'll probably make either a cake or some muffins with Riley. He loves helping out in the kitchen and it gives us something to do. I've also found a recipe for making my own crackers. They were a big hit so will try and make some more of them at some stage too.

I'm going to give myself a new goal and try and make something once a week to add to the freezer so I always have a quick and easy lunch on hand.

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Anonymous said...

I soooo know that feeling of always missing out on the yummy food! lol Love your digital scrapbooking pages :)