Saturday, August 28, 2010

Earring Organizer

I don't have a lot of earrings and I don't often get the chance to wear them anymore for fear of a small child pulling on them, but for ages I've wanted some where to keep them that will keep them tidy.

So I took matters into my own hands and made myself an earring organizer.

It was really simple and now I can see exactly what I've got and keeps them all nice. It looks a little empty at the moment so next I'll have to work on filling it up.
The photos not the best but you get the idea.


Angela said...

Ooo...very nice. I used to use a kete - by threading the hooks through the woven flax...

...but have switched to various containers for different sizes and types. THIS, looks great!

Kari @ Mommy's Fabulous Finds said...

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Have a great weekend!


J. At Your Service said...

That looks great! I desperately need one of those! I am now following you from the Blog Hop. Hope you can follow back at

Have a great weekend!