Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindy Kid?!

We've finally got Riley enrolled in Kindy. He starts on the 1st of November which isn't really that far away and also means that hes almost 3 which is just ridiculous because I still haven't figured out where the last couple of years have gone!

It feels odd having a child whose old enough to go to Kindy, after all he is still my baby. At least Kindy will give him the opportunity to try new things and hopefully gain a little more independence.


emerson-j said...

i cried the night before my sons first day at creche, he was just over 2yrs and only going 2 days a week,(cos new baby came along) i look back and feel silly but seriously i soo couldnt help it!!

Fay said...

I imagine I'll be a bit teary when its time and the house will be so empty without him.

A Life Less Complicated said...

He will love it - I have to admit that I still feel weird driving away from kindy with an empty back seat!