Friday, September 17, 2010

Board Games

With Riley approaching the age of 3, I've started stocking up on a few board/card games for him to grow into.

I got a Spiderman (spot the difference) game for free with another game that I got Riley last Christmas so we decided to try it out. Its not a game that I would buy but its actually quite good, more for the fact that Riley thinks its a double sided puzzle. That works for me because even though we don't play the game properly yet, hes still getting enjoyment out of it and as you can see in this photo his brain is ticking over so its making him think.

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Mel Dehar said...

Fun, Lara loves board games. Im slowly creating a stash of them as I think they are so great.
PS: I’ve nominated you for an award-stop by and pick it up :)