Saturday, September 4, 2010

Christchurch in a State of Civil Emergency!

We had a rather rude awakening this morning when at 4:35am we were almost literally chucked out of bed by a massive earthquake. I was very confused and both me and Phil made a mad dash for Riley's room.

Running down the hallway was like being on a boat in the middle of a storm, I was being flung against the walls. By the time I got to Riley it was all but over so we tucked Riley into our bed. There was an aftershock and then the power went out, poor Riley is scared of the dark. Nobody got much sleep and I'm pretty much running on adrenaline still.

We were extremely lucky that we weren't hurt and that nothing in the house was damaged or fell over. About the only thing that got damaged was a large concrete trough in the garden which fell over, its going to be a pain to move.

Thankfully the power is back on now so we're feeling a bit more normal. Now if only the after shocks would go away.

You can find some photos of the city here.


Crafty Girl Creations said...

That is so scary! Glad to hear that you are all safe and unharmed.

Hope your little guy will get some sleep and that those after shocks stop.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are okay. Must have been terrifying. I am thinking of you all down there. Stay safe!

Simoney said...

Really scary...! Unreal such a big earthquake so close to home (er, we're in Auckland, but STILL! Same country)

I found you on Kelly's bloghop... your blog has a lovely look and feel to it :)
And your digital scrapbooking is gorgeous.

Cat said...

Popping through from Kellys bloghop.
So close but yet so far away from Auckland - all of you in Christchurch are in our thoughts

Emma said...

I'm in Christchurch as well, it was a scary thing to go through wasn't it... well, still IS a scary thing we're going through! (Emma, Cloth-Butt Cuteness 365)