Monday, October 11, 2010

(Blogtoberfest Day 11) Letting Off Some Steam!

I'm surprised that I haven't done any posts like this before now but, it has been one of THOSE days.

Riley has been driving me nuts! Hes been noisy, rough, doesn't listen and of all the disgusting things he has started picking his nose! Ewww. I know this is all typical toddler/boy behavior but some days it just gets to me more.

I feel like all I've done today is shout! I'm sick of repeating myself and constantly cleaning up somebodies mess. All part of the job though right, just some days it would be nice to have a break.

Phew, well I feel a bit better getting that off my chest and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

We did manage something a little productive today and that was making some sugar and spice muffins. That was good until Riley started throwing a tanty coz he wanted them NOW when they weren't ready yet and then he had to wait for them to cool down a bit.

They were very good though ....

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