Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Blogtoberfest Day 19) Yet Another One!

Severe Aftershock Hits Canterbury
You can read more here.

Yes, the Earth is still conspiring to put me in an early grave .....

This was by far the worst aftershock for me and silly me for thinking that things were starting to settle down. It was a magnitude 5.0 quake, 10km south-west of Christchurch and at a depth of only 9km. 

The shaking and the rattling brought back all the memories of the 'big one' and left me feeling sick all over again. Poor little Riley was straight out of his chair and into my arms as soon as it started. It even managed to cut off our phone line but thankfully not for very long and I was able to contact Phil at work from my cellphone.

It got me thinking though .....
Riley is starting Kindy on the 1st of November but if we're going to have anymore aftershocks like this one then I'm not sure I want him to go. I know he'd probably be fine as he doesn't tend to feel them if he is running around doing things but its more for my peace of mind, knowing that hes safe here with me.

But thats probably just me being a bit selfish and over protective because I know hes going to have heaps of fun at Kindy. 

I guess its not exactly normal circumstances though is it. Its not normal to have so many noticeable quakes every few days (or more often!) and I'm sure a lot of people don't think about it until its in your face.


Selena said...

Seeing how the kids are dealing with them at Playcentre I'd be sending him, you may find that seeing how others cope with them will be a good thing for him, just talk to the teachers about how he's been coping up until now, they'll always call you if you need to go back.

That was a rough one though wasn't it, I was actually away from home for the second time ever for one and was very lucky to be standing outside rather than in the building I was just headed in to

emerson-j said...

i live in taupo so im plenty away from chch, but im waiting to hear about another big quake there cos of all those big aftershocks!! id totally be scared living there at the mo!! i can understand about the kindy thing too, i wouldnt know what to do either???

tartankiwi said...

This was the first aftershock for me that I was away from home, which made it extra scary. We were just leaving Pioneer having attended tumble times...
I can totally relate to your anxiety about your child starting kindy. My wee girl is due to start preschool on 1st November and it will be weird not having her with me if there is a strong aftershock. It is such a natural reaction to check that she is ok before I think of myself that I can see that it will be weird not having her nearby. I guess its just one of those moments that we have to let go and trust that they will be ok without us. We do them more of a disservice by disrupting life and holding them back because of our fears.