Friday, October 22, 2010

(Blogtoberfest Day 22) Zoe

This is a tribute to our cat, Zoe, who went missing in March this year .....

We got her from the SPCA when she was a kitten and she was with us for about 6 years. She was an outdoors cat which suited her just fine especially when Riley came along. There was only so much chasing that she could take and at least outside she had a better chance of getting away. I don't think Riley remembers her at all now. When she first went missing he'd occasionally go outside and call for her and he'd tell me that she was just over the fence, it wasn't unusual for her to hide from him. She never did come home though so we still don't know what happened to her and now that we've moved house we won't be seeing her again if she ever did decide to come home. I just really hope that she found a nice family and decided to stay with them as the other alternative is not very nice to think about.

She got into a few scraps in her time. A few of them serious enough for a large vet bill but thats one of the risks you take when you have such an independent pet.

Love You Zoe x

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