Monday, October 25, 2010

(Blogtoberfest Day 25) All Ready .....

Presents wrapped .... well mostly. I ran out of wrapping paper for some of the larger items so had to make do with plastic bags.

The helmet goes with ......

I think we've done really well with presents this year. I was determined not to get him too much as the trampoline was his main present but we still needed to cover all our bases.

He has:
- a couple of toys
- a few books
- stickers
- felts and journals for drawing in
- a puzzle
- an educational toy
- a game

The balance bike is from his Nanan and Grandad.

I can't wait til tomorrow now and we have a fun day planned with a trip to Orana Wildlife Park on the cards!

1 comment:

Claire Bear said...

Awww cool bike!!!
Good job with the pressies hun, I bet he loved them all!