Sunday, October 3, 2010

(Blogtoberfest Day 3) First Movie Outing

Yesterday we took Riley on his first trip to the movies, to see Dispicable Me. I wasn't too sure about it but when he turns 3 he won't be free anymore, so we thought may as well try now and see how we go.

He did really well. A little bit of seat shuffling but he was quiet and we got to see the whole film so couldn't ask for more.

The movie itself was good probably not the best movie for Riley but then they don't seem to make movies for the real little kids anymore and they certainly don't make them how they used to either. Hes too little to appreciate the level of animation and prefers movies that have more of a musical component.

Check out the size of that popcorn and he didn't want to share either!


Hanging Off The Wire said...

Ha! Love the pic with the popcorn! Too cute!

Renee said...

And who could blame him?! I wouldn't be sharing, either ;)

Catching the Magic said...

Ha! That photo is a keeper! Brilliant!