Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beer Bottles and Upcycling

While on a mission to find a creative use for my stash of beer bottles that are currently cluttering up my dining table, I came across quite a few alternative uses for bottles/cans and some of them are a little     crazy .....

Beer Bottle Clock

Beer Can Car

Beer Bottle Chandelier

Christmas Ornaments (3 Wise Men)

You can find more beer bottle ideas hereI also found this website here that has some great ideas for upcycling.


Stuart Drunsfield said...

Creative ways and ideas indeed to make use of all the beer bottles in my home which just seem to accumulate!

Anonymous said...

COOOLLLLLIIIOOO!!! The Beer Bottle Chandelier is just superb. But I think it would be better if the beer is not empty so that when you feel like getting a drink, you can just grab one on the chandelier. LOL. Kidding aside, all the ideas are great. Wish to see more of these recycled beer bottles!
Rob Feckler