Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Day Out and Fireworks

It has been a long day. Its almost 10pm and Riley has just now gone to bed and there are fireworks going off everywhere!

Today we drove out to Ashburton (about an hours drive from Christchurch) for a friend's birthday party. It turned out to be a beautiful day and Riley had loads of fun playing with the other kids. He had cupcakes for lunch so he was feeling pretty pleased with himself. Don't worry I don't make a habit of letting him have cupcakes for lunch but it was a party and I believe in everything in moderation.

Having a tea party with the birthday girl.

It had been pouring with rain when we left Christchurch but by the time we got back it had turned into a nice day so we decided that it would be a good night to set off our fireworks.

This year Riley wasn't keen at all and we had to sit inside with the lights on and the french doors closed ......

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