Friday, November 5, 2010

End Of Week One .....

We've survived Riley's first week of Kindy and this morning he didn't even cry or throw himself at me when I left! I explained to him for the millionth time where I was going and what I was going to do once I got there and asked if he wanted to watch me go and he was absolutely fine. I'm hoping thats the breakthrough that we needed and it'll certainly make it easier for me to leave him.

His teachers assure me that he is settling in well and having fun. Today they did some Indian dancing and tried some Indian food and apparently he was right into that and its great that hes getting to experience/try different things.

He hasn't had much experience at interacting with other children and prefers to play by himself but hopefully now that he'll be socialising on a regular basis he'll learn how to play nicely 'together' and start to make some friends.

After today I'm feeling a lot more positive about him going to Kindy. Its so hard letting go as he still looks so small and unsure of himself. Then theres other things to consider now too. Hes such a wuss and I'm a bit concerned about him being overlooked or picked on because hes not as pushy as some of the other kids.

And I'm sure hes already brought some bad behavior home with him! Ah the joys of Kindy!

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tartankiwi said...

Glad to hear that the first week went well. Fingers crossed that the tears of separation are a thing of the past. Hope he has lots of fun and makes lots of friends.