Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bear Hunt!

Riley has loved this book ever since we got it out from the library when he was 2! It is a great book, full of great sounds, beautiful illustrations and the story can be acted out too, adding to the fun.

Riley was very lucky and got a beautiful gift set from his Grandma for his birthday which included the book, DVD and board game.

I thought that Riley was a bit too little to play the board game yet but I decided to get it out this morning and give it a go anyway. We ended up playing it 4 times in a row! He won 3 out of the 4 times too but we don't talk about winning or losing, its just about having fun. The game is very simple and is perfect as a beginner board game for young children. Theres no dice rolling involved and you can play using either numbers or colours on the spin dial.

He absolutely loved it and no guesses as to what he wanted to do when he got up from his afternoon nap!


Widge said...

we have this game too!! my youngest loves it

Time Flies said...

awww thats really cool:)