Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Work

I brought some of Riley's art work home from Kindy yesterday and I was so excited to see a bit of what hes been getting up to. Hes never really been into drawing or painting and everything is still blobs and squiggles.

There was one piece in particular that stood out from the rest and is so unlike anything else that hes ever done. Its his use of space that makes it different as he usually just draws a little bit in one spot and then moves on to a new piece of paper.

I love it and I'm thinking about getting it framed.

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A Life Less Complicated said...

these paintings are so much fun for kids that aren't really interested in painting - it will be easy for you to do at home too with a kitty litter tray, some marbles and spoons and whatever colour paints you want - probably the least messy activity they do at kindy! Definitely frame it - they love to see their art on the walls at home