Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Bring On 2011!!

I hope everyone is having a good night but I hope the hangover isn't too bad in the morning (for those of you who are drinking)! We had a glass of wine with dinner but that was it. I have learnt the hard way that the hangover the next day is so not worth it.

This past year hasn't been particularly good or bad. Riley is the one doing all the exciting things and is growing up way too fast!

  • He gave up his high chair at the beginning of the year and started eating at the table like a big boy.
  • He started toilet training in January and is now (and has been for ages) fully toilet trained during the day.
  • He made the move from cot to big bed in April with very little fuss and more recently gave up his sleeping bag and started using a duvet.
  • Hes also stopped having a nap during the day.

But the big ones would have to be him starting Kindy and celebrating his 3rd birthday!

I'm so proud of the caring, polite (most of the time) and generally happy little boy hes become.

As far as my year goes, I have made some awesome friends this year through Cheeky Monkey. I even got to meet a few of them IRL which was exciting.

I'm still happily digital scrapbooking and more recently working on mastering my sewing machine. Hopefully next year I'll have plenty more craft projects on the go.

Our cat, Zoe, went missing in March just before our first family holiday, we moved house at the end of July and of course we can't forget September's big quake!

In truth this year has gone way too fast and most of its just one big blur. I wonder what 2011 will bring .....

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