Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update: Balance Bike

A couple of weeks ago Riley finally decided to give his balance bike another shot. The first time he tried it he fell and hurt himself which put him off. Like with everything he does I didn't force the issue as I knew he would try again when he was ready.

It just happened to coincide with him learning to ride the scooters at Kindy which I think gave him the confidence to try his balance bike again. He took to it straight away this time and absolutely loves it. He doesn't even mind wearing his helmet and he loves being just like his Dad. He parks his bike up next to Phil's and hangs his helmet on the handle bar in the same way, so cute!

Ringing his bell.

Waiting for a green light.

Every day he gets it out and hes gradually getting faster. I love that we have an awesome backyard with plenty of space for him to ride around in.

Now we need to work on teaching him how to peddle his tricycle. Any tips?


Selena said...

From what I've heard with people who's kids have used balance bikes don't bother with the tricycle or training wheels, the peddling motion they get from a tricycle isn't the same as the one they require for a 2 wheeler bike

Good on him for giving it another go though!

Leesh said...

How very cool... on a side note - thats the same balance bike Cam is getting for x-mas :)