Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mad About ....

CARS! Not just any cars though (well Riley is mad about cars in general) but Disney Pixar Cars.

It has become a daily ritual to watch the movie 'Cars' and he often busts out lines and re-enacts parts of the movie while hes playing.

He also loves ....

Needless to say he is looking forward to the release of the new 'Cars' movie in June.

Riley did such a good job at his swimming lesson on Saturday that this is what he got .... meet his new best friend, Mr The King!

Now Riley is intent on getting the rest of the characters from the movie, so we've started up a star chart (found here). We haven't worked out all the details yet but he has certain tasks to do that will earn him a star. I'm hoping to encourage him to be a bit  more independent and the chart gives him a better sense of time. I'm also starting to teach him a bit about money and that if he wants something he needs to work for it, he can't just have everything he wants.

I'm not sure how long this latest obsession will last but I have some ideas of what to get him for his birthday now if it should last that long.

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