Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kid's Craft

I don't do much art and craft stuff at home with Riley. I can't stand the mess it makes so I like to leave those kinds of things for him to do at Kindy.

Today I was feeling particularly inspired though and decided to do a simple threading exercise with him, making necklaces using things I had around the house. Initially he found it a bit fiddly but he really enjoyed it and wore his necklace all day, he was so proud of it.

I'm not sure how it went from threading to cutting with scissors but Riley figured out that if you snip straws in a certain way the bits fly across the room. I eventually ended up hiding the rest of the straws otherwise he was going to cut them all up! Naturally we then progressed onto paper. I found some pretty paper in my scrapbooking stash that I didn't mind Riley cutting up and I cut out some simple shapes so that he could do some glueing.

We did make a rather big mess but nothing that my vacuum cleaner couldn't handle.

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