Monday, July 18, 2011

Scrapping: The Week Thats Been

Its the first day of the school holidays and because of our impending holiday it will be a total of 5 weeks before Riley goes back to Kindy! I just hope I still have my sanity by the end of it all. Its amazing how quickly I've come to rely on having my Riley free time. Time to think, read, sew, scrapbook and generally enjoy the peace and quiet (my boy does not stop talking ALL day).

Anyway here are a few of my layouts that I did last week:

Credits: Spunky Vibe Page Kit by Nicole Young
Credits: Funky Teenscape Value Collection by Nicole Young
Vintage Cupcake Value Collection by Nicole Young
Vintage Teapot Page Kit by Nicole Young (not in store)


Mel Dehar said...

Man I love the pages you do Fay! My scrapbooking mojo has disappeared-I hope it comes back some time soon.

Katie said...

Love the pages - especially that denim pocket :-)