Friday, December 16, 2011

Getting Answers ....

Riley has always had a stuffy nose from about the time when he was 6months old when the Dr put it down to the change in seasons. He also snores like a freight train but it wasn't until this year that he started having problems with his ears. Not ear infections but the continuous colds that he has battled with all year have been causing a lot of fluid build up which has been affecting his hearing. We had been to the Dr about it before and his ears were given the all clear in September.

On Tuesday Riley failed his B4 School hearing check as I suspected he would as his hearing had gone down hill again. So back to the Dr we went and as it turns out he now has glue ear.

The Dr has put a referral through to the hospital and we should be seen by an ENT Specialist sometime in the next 3 months. My sweet boy needs grommets and his adenoids removed.

I'm just glad that his speech is really clear and well developed for his age. So far his lack of hearing doesn't seem to be affecting him at all but it is incredibly frustrating for me especially when I'm already dealing with some trying 4 year old behavior.

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Lotti said...

What a cute little man, so peacefully asleep. A moment to treasure.