Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas. Our day was mostly relaxing and peaceful with the occasional tantrum from one very over excited little boy. He was initially more excited about the chocolates hanging on the tree than what was underneath it!

Remember the sock monkey that I made for Riley a while ago? His first comments when he pulled it out of it's bag were, "What?! Monkey's don't have stripes!" I couldn't help but laugh at his tone of voice.

We had a minor battery emergency. I knew I'd forget something! We managed to scrounge together a few batteries so Riley was able to play with some of his new toys but we'll need to pop out tomorrow and get some more.

Every year we get a photo of Riley wearing a Christmas hat. This year he wasn't being very co-operative so I ended up bribing him with trifle ....

Merry Christmas Everyone

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