Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Be Natural Cereal

Our family are not big breakfast eaters and usually we only have a few options to choose from which gets boring very quickly. So I was really excited when the courier turned up on the doorstep with a box of Be Natural cereal, Manuka Honey & Spice Clusters with flakes, for us to try.

I love that it contains 5 different wholegrains which really adds to the delicious crunchy texture and flavour. It's light, crisp and the spice clusters add a wonderful depth of flavour to the cereal without being overpowering. It also doesn't have any raisins in it! This is big for us as neither Riley or I like raisins in our cereal.

It definitely gets the fussy preschooler (and Mummy) seal of approval! He barely paused to breathe between mouthfuls.

Thanks Be Natural for letting us try the latest variant in your range of cereals. It was delicious!

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