Thursday, December 6, 2012

Crochet Wreath Ornaments

I have been working on some more Christmas ornaments this week, this time for the Kiwi Christmas Ornament Swap.

I'd come across yarn wrapped ornaments while browsing Pinterest for inspiration and decided to combine that idea with crochet. I'd never crocheted around a ring before but it was very easy to do and I love how my ornaments turned out.

Here's a quick rundown of how to make them if anyone wants to give them a go ....

- curtain rings
- yarn and crochet hook in a size to match
- gold bells (3 for each ring)
- ribbon
- yarn needle
(for those of you in Wellington I got the curtain rings and bells from Pete's Emporium in Porirua)

1. Leaving a long tail (about 4 inches), make a slip knot at the end of your yarn.

2. Single crochet around the curtain ring (there's a good tutorial here if you need help figuring it out). Keep your stitches nice and tight and every so often push them down to make sure that none of the curtain ring is showing.

3. When you get back to where you started, join with a slip stitch in your first single crochet.

4. Chain 20 (this will make your hanging loop). Join with slip stitch at the base of where your chain starts from. Fasten off (I use this method here), again leaving a long tail.

5. Take the long yarn tail that you left at the beginning and bring it through the center of your ring so that it's at the front, thread on three bells. Use a yarn needle and thread the tail through the stitches where the hanging loop is attached to the ring. Cut a length of ribbon and place it behind the yarn tail at the front, pull your yarn tail right through to the back. Make sure the bells are hanging in the middle of the ring.

6. Tie your 2 yarn tails at the back together to make a knot. Use a yarn needle and thread the yarn under 5-6 loops on either side of the knot. Trim yarn ends.

7. Tie your ribbon in a bow at the front and trim ends.

8. I put some fray stop on my ribbon ends and dabbed a little super glue on the knot at the back to make sure that it's nice and secure.

I hope that all makes sense. It really is self explanatory once you get started.

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Roslyn said...

Such a beautiful ornament! Really elegant :)

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I agree totally with Ros, Fay. I LOVE it!!!

Miriam said...

these are awesome Fay I bet they will be thrilled

Katie said...

They are so cute! And snap! I yarn wrapped my ornaments too :-) I was looking for curtain rings to use but had no luck so used cardboard instead.

Kylie said...

What a fantastic ornament. We put up our Christmas tree on the weekend and it is full of all handmade decorations. I swear last time we put it up I had store bought baubles, but they are not in the christmas boxes so who knows what happened to them.