Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: 100 People by Masayuki Sebe

It's time to start playing hide-and-seek! Are you ready? Find the pirates, the kings, the schoolchildren and more.

Hide-and-seek books always seem to be a big hit with kids and this book is no exception. Riley loves the challenge of finding everything on each page.

Each double page spread has a theme and in addition to the 10 people that you are looking for there are other optional things to find as well.

The illustrations are large, bright and fun - a perfect match to the chaos on each page. The book is very engaging and it's amazing the amount of time you can spend just looking at a couple of pages. It's a book that I don't think we'll ever get tired of - there's always something new to see each time we come back to it.

At the very back it shows you that there are even more things to find. Riley loves searching each page to find these optional extras.

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Leonie said...

Look fun and engaging :) finding hidden items is great fun!