Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: Anton and the Battle by Ole Könnecke

Anton is strong.
And so is Luke.
But who's the strongest?

This is a book that every little boy should have in their collection. It's a war of imagination and perfectly captures their natural competitiveness, exploring the boundries of rivalry and friendship.

The book is filled with lots of laugh out loud moments as the competition gets wilder and wilder.

The illustrations are simple, with Anton in red and Luke in blue. The book also has it's sweet moments as well, when the boy's get scared off by a dog and take refuge up a tree. Even so they can't keep their natural competitiveness and rivalry suppressed for long.

R loves this book. It has him in fits of laughter every time we read it (and it has been read a lot).

R is the type of boy that likes listening to books but not reading them himself so I was very excited when he sat down and read this book through from beginning to end all by himself with no encouragement needed - he did a good job of it too, definitely a winner.

Get your copy here.


becclebee said...

This book looks so fun!

becclebee said...

This book looks so fun!