Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tutorial: Grocery Bag Dispenser 2

As promised here is the second grocery bag dispenser tutorial. This version is a little more refined with no raw edges. I used a home dec fabric for this but I think it would work equally well with quilting cotton but you may want to add a lining to give it more structure (simply baste 2 pieces of fabric wrong sides together before starting).

- 1 fat quarter
- 2 6 inch pieces of 9 mm wide elastic
- coordinating thread

Cut your fabric into an 18" x 18" square and a strip measuring 10" x 2".

We're going to start by making the handle (refer back to tutorial 1 for photos).

Take your piece of fabric that measures 10" x 2" and fold it in half lengthwise, press. Unfold and fold each raw edge into the center line you just created. Press again.

Fold in half again. Press and pin. 

Sew down both sides of your handle close to the edge.

Set aside. 

Take your main piece of fabric and fold it in half wrong sides together and pin. Sew down that side using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Turn wrong side out and press your seam.

Sew down that seam again with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Turn right side out and press the seam being careful not to crease the sides of your bag bag. You should now have a long tube with all the raw edges nicely enclosed in the french seam.

Now we're going to create the casings for our elastic. Starting at the bottom end, fold over the raw edge about 1/4" and press. Fold over a further 1/2" and press again - pin it down as you go. Repeat for other end.

Starting with the bottom, sew around close to the edge, leaving an opening at the back for inserting the elastic.

Take one of your 6" pieces of elastic. Attach a safety pin to one end and begin threading it through your casing. The elastic is short so try not to twist it and be very careful not to lose the other end inside the casing. Once you've pulled the elastic through, sew the ends together and sew your opening shut.

Before sewing the top casing, lay your bag bag flat and center the seam at the back. Place a pin to mark each side (equal distance from the seam). Taking the handle that you made earlier, find the center and match it up with the pin on one side (the right side of your handle should be facing outwards). Slide it under your casing and pin in place. Repeat for other side of handle. Sew casing as before leaving an opening for your elastic.

Press the handle upwards.

Sew in place at the very edge of the bag bag.

Thread through your elastic like you did for the bottom. Sew the ends together and sew opening closed.

You're done!

If you make a Grocery Bag Dispenser using this tutorial, I'd love for you to share some photos in the Monkey Makes Three Flickr group or leave me a link in the comments.


Leonie said...

Looks great Fay - thanks again for sharing!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Another great tutorial, Fay!!! I made one of my bags with a French seam and one, a traditional seam. Both ways worked well.

Gmama Jane said...

I've made several of these a few years ago so I think it's time to update more for gifts. I use 2 bags all the time. I save and use plastic bags for so many different things. I love your french seams btw. I also liked your zipper purse for chapstick or lipstick. I plan to read back over it and try and make one myself. I have trouble understanding written directions but since you have pictures it should help. I get very upset when I can't understand. I know it has to be some sort of spatial disparity in my processing but I have found You-Tube to be my saviour except when nice projects like yours are not on You Tube. I was a special ed. teacher for over 30 yrs. and I was good at what I did because I understood WHY my students didn't understand and was usually successful in breaking thru their brain block as I used to call them. I am an excellent reader however mathmatics/spatial concepts are my problem area. Thanks for sharing your project and I hope I can make that little zipper pouch.
Gmama Jane