Thursday, February 6, 2014

Minecraft: Enderman Cushion

It was my brother's birthday last week and he's really into his Minecraft at the moment. Now I know nothing about Minecraft so I asked my own little Minecraft fan what I should make and showed him a few ideas and this is what we came up with - an Enderman cushion.

It was really quick to make and R has requested that I make one for him as well.

And sticking with the Minecraft theme I just had to make a Creeper cake.

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Hootnz said...

hehehe! yes minecraft has finally reared its ugly head here too :)) Great idea! I better not show my boys or they'll be requesting all things minecraft left right and centre!! :))

Leonie said...

Very cool and love the cake too!

Leonie said...

Have no idea what mine-craft is, well kinda but you know... These are so cool and i love that cake!

Bron said...

Ooooo I am going to pinch the cake idea for a certain soon to be 9 year old in my house. Thanks for sharing xxx