About Me

Hi! Welcome to STITCH by Fay.

A little bit about ME .....

Name: Fay
F.A.Y and yes without an 'E' on the end. You'd be surprised how many people make that mistake even after I spell my name for them. Oh well it could be worse, at least my name is easy to pronounce.

Where I Live: Wellington
After a 3 year stint in Christchurch, we are now back in Wellington. It's nice being closer to our family and friends, Riley is certainly benefiting from it.

Occupation: SAHM
The best job ever and I am so lucky that we can afford for me to stay at home as so many people can't these days and now that Riley is at school I have a bit more time to myself.

My Boys: Phil and Riley
Phil is my partner of many years now and Riley is our little boy born in 2007. He is a funny wee character and certainly keeps me on my toes, not to mention busy cleaning up all the mess he makes.

My Interests

Reading: I have always had a love of reading. I mainly read fantasy books and some of my fave authors include: Anne Bishop, Terry Goodkind, Mercedes Lackey and Terry Brooks.

Digital Scrapbooking: I started off paper scrapbooking before Riley was born but then I was introduced to Digital Scrapbooking and ..... I fell in love! There's no mess and all I need is my laptop. I use Photoshop and I'm always learning and trying new things.

Creating: I like making things whether its baking, sewing or scrapbooking. I love trying out new recipes/ideas and I'm always looking out for ways to save money.

Sewing: I've been sewing for over a year now and I have learnt so much over that time. You can find some of the things that I have made here.

Baking: I love baking yummy treats and trying out new recipes. Also finding recipes/ways to make my baking healthier. You can find the recipes I've shared on my blog here.

Taking Photos: My photos are mainly all of Riley but since starting Digital Scrapbooking I've become interested in taking better photos that I can work with.

Blogging: I started this blog as a way for family and friends to keep up with goings on but also as something that is solely mine and a place where I can talk about whatever I feel like and just be ME.

And to finish up, 10 things you MAY or MAY NOT know about me .....

1. I am NOT an animal person despite having had a number of different pets during my childhood. I'm particularly terrified of dogs.
2. I have 1 sister and 3 brothers. I'm the eldest and there is an 18 year age gap between me and my youngest sibling.
3. I like to be organised and I try and keep the house tidy otherwise I go crazy. Those with young children will know that this is easier said than done.
4. My favourite chocolates are Ferrero Rocher.
5. I LOVE Christmas! The carols, decorations, food, everything.
6. I like crafting but more often than not my ideas are bigger than my ability.
7. I was born in England, Kendal to be precise.
8. I went to Queen Margarets College in Wellington.
9. I don't drive. I only have my learners license.
10. I am right handed.